WoW News

Apologies for not posting last week – work has been full on (and will continue to be so until after this weekend). Time for a MMO progress report.

Plucker finally got off her arse and levelled up First Aid. Something screwy must be happening with Auctioneer and the Auction House for Aman’Thul, because its reporting that a stack of Heavy Netherweave Bandages should go for around 1000g. Which can’t be right? Plucker is about 8k away from dinging Exalted with Mag’har. Last week I discovered that the Mag’har love Ogre Warbeads (even more than the Consortium!). In many 30mins I can do a lap of  Warmaul Hill and get about 20 Warbeads plus a stack of kill reputation, so I expect maybe a week and Plucker will have that 8k. She’s also been working on knocking off some of her non-group quests for cash – which has resulted in gaining more and more Instance quests. I got into a great PuG last weekend to do a set of group quests that resulted in Plucker being crowned Queen of the Ogres (for about 5 seconds, when someone else turned in the quest). I took a screenshot, which I’ll upload at some stage.

Tanarel has had to halt her race to 58. I want to keep her in step with two friends that I’ve been levelling with. They’re 53/54 at the moment, so I’ll let Tan get some rest and maybe try to shop my way to 300 Leatherworking.

I went back to Huchin on the weekend. Poor Shaman hadn’t been getting any love of late – swinging a 2-handed Mace is so SLOW! I’m going to persevere until 40, when he gets access to Dual Wield, then reevaluate how things are moving, and what to do after that.

WoW News

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