Those Magnificent Blood Elves …

… in their Flying Machines. They go up-dilly-up-up, they come down-dilly-down-down. Up. Down. Flying around, those magnificent Blood Elves in their Flying Machines!

Flying Machine (from WoWHead)

(screen shot taken from

With a spot of luck (I found a Taurean Warrior with engineering), Plucker made her Flying Machine last night! These are the things that I took Engineering for – the propeller extends as you gain altitude, and the motors rotate for vertical-take-off-and-landing. It even blows smoke out the back! Sort of makes me want to get the Swift version – but that’s like 5000g just for the Flying Skill, so I think not!

In other news Plucker also got to Honoured with The Consortium. Do I farm Ogres to get to Revered? Lets try the math. I need 21000 to go from Revered to Exalted with Mag’har – so that’s 2100 Ogres to kill. I’ve been getting an approximately 25% drop rate on Ogre Necklaces – so that’s about 525 Necklaces – lets make it 530. Every 10 necklaces earns me 250 Rep with the Consortium – so that’s about 13250 rep in total. And wow – I “only” need 12000 rep to get to Revered.

Yeah, this game doesnt suck your time at all.

Those Magnificent Blood Elves …

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