MMO Update

With Xmas over, I thought I’d provide an update to where I am sitting with regards to my characters within the WoW MMO.

Plucker has reached 375 Mining and 350 Engineering. At the moment she’s splitting her time between gettings the materials for the Flying Machine (as well as the Surestrike Goggles V2.0), earning reputation (Revered with Mag’har as of last night), and learning new pet abilities. I’m just 4xElemental Seaforium Charges (get it? Seaforium? C4?) away from the Flying Machine, though still an Instance boss away from the goggles (Primal Nethers seem to only drop from bosses). If I want to learn how to make the Seaforium Charges, Plucker needs to be Revered with the Consortium which is going to take a long, long time.

Huchin has reached level 23 and there he stopped – I rediscovered the love of Tanarel and Frost magic. Tan has easily moved up to level 54, and is 5 points away from 300 Tailoring. She’s 265 with Leatherworking, but without a source of leather that’s going to take me a while. So within a month Tan should be in Outland. I think running quests and instances with others is responsible for the renewed interest in Tan – she usually marks the targets and keeps up polymorph and supplying ranges DPS inbetween those times. The feeling of beating an instance is the biggest drawcard. The 3 of us (Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest) took on Gahz’rilla the other weekend, and while we should have beaten him as we were higher in level, doing so was fun and an accomplishment. We even had a Mechanical Greench off-tanking for us at one point! Sunken Temple is the plan for this weekend – we’ll see how that goes.

So that’s the State of the (MMO) Nation. I have some more generic blog posts in the wings, including the next Laziest Peon article – so stay tuned.

MMO Update

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