Onyxia Raid

On Saturday just gone we had our final WoW TCG Raid of the year, and the end of a 3 month ladder. With all three Raid players winning, we had 3 players tied on highest points. But it was close, so very close.

Let me lay it out for you. We had an all Alliance Raid Group: Timmo Shadestep, Halavar, Kintara Wintermoon, Bildros Nullvoid and Kana Nassis. With an aggressive opening few moves, dropping allies left, right and centre we blasted through Stage 1 easily. Stage 2 was managed quite well, Onyxia could only manage to put 9 Whelps out and we traded those for health and allies. We managed health well, pulling out some nice Power Word: Shield (the best one was from a top-deck to keep the Priest alive one more turn!) and heals when required, and going into Stage 3 we still had all 5 of us all under 50% health. But the writing was on the wall – we just couldnt see it. With some massive draws, Onyxia threw down Draconic Rage (two more to add to one she had in Stage 1), Tooth and Claw, Trample, and dual Dragon Hide. The Priest was without Mass Dispel, so we were struggling. Halavar threw down some massive targets (Hellreaver, Two-Handed Weapon Specialization) and threatened to pound Onyxia. The rest of us put down some protectors and tried to prong the dragon into attacking. But a Burninate and Wrath of Onyxia, along with several Flame Breaths kept the board down. First the Priest went, and Onyxia entered into the final stages of her Raid timer (at 20 resources Onyxia wins). The Rogue was next (I guess all those poisons annoyed the Great Drake), and with 13 damage still to be done in 6 turns we looked in decent shape. But then the aggressive Hunter was eaten and the tide had turned. Bildros wasnt laying anything but breath-fodder, and Halavar had already gotten back 2 Hellreavers twice and was seriously running out of juice. It went down to the wire and in the end, the Alliance ran out of turns.

So close! Stage 3 is just harsh, with the sheer amount of cards that Onyxia can throw down a turn.

The Bildros and Halavar decks we exposed as flawed, and since I built them I’ll try to poke around and provide an analysis and possible improvements. I havent yet made a Raid deck that I was happy with, though I’m starting to come up with things that a deck does and doesnt need. I’ll make a separate post for that analysis.

Onyxia Raid

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