Seeing Red

Once upon a time in a realm called Aman’Thul there lived a Marksman Spec’d Hunter called Plucker. Plucker was a happy little Blood-Elf, who would wander the forests of Azeroth spamming attack skills at every living creature (and some some who were not dead) that she came across. However Plucker the Hunter was frustrated. She would often find herself surrounded by angry creatures who wanted to hurt her. When this occurred she would shout out to her pet turtle “Help, Knucklehead! This is your job – keep the angries from me!” But Knucklehead would shrug and go back to slowing eating fruit.

Then, one day Plucker read about the exploits of BigRedKitty. Plucker immediately moved Knucklehead to the nearest stable and got herself a new pet – Illheart the Owl and learned the Way of the Beast Master. She learned not to spam attacks, but to hand out death with a methodical, steady approach that kept focus on Illheart and not on her soft fleshy insides. And until this very day, Plucker has continued to follow the Way of the Beast Master (though having rotated through a Ravager and now a Raptor), and joyfully encourages her Pets to “Go Red!” and maim and kill.

And all is well.

Seeing Red

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