Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself …

(Apologies to the Rolling Stones)

I’ve never met a bandwagon I didnt think was comfortable and as I have been toying with starting a World of Warcraft blog for a while I thought I’d create one. Dont expect pages and pages of theorycraft, statistics and item comparisons – that isnt my style. I aim to post a more casual interpretation of World of Warcraft, and sprinkle in some discussions about the Trading Card Game of the same name (2 birds + 1 stone = SWISH!).

Lets get one thing clear, I’m a casual player – I dont have time for raids and I never seem to be able to find a PUG for instances – so I next to no experience with the late game, and can only dream (agog! agog!) at those people with full purple kitouts. I think I’ll be happy with getting some blues.

Ok, now for a brief history of my WoW (MMO) ‘qualifications’.

The Blue

I started my WoW encounter playing as a Night-Elf Hunter (yep one of those unique class combinations), Aetheril on the Thunderhorn server. This was pre-Burning Crusade and after many long hours, days, months I finally solo’d her to 60. Its hard to solo 55-60 (or it was). I followed that up with Tij (Human Rogue – 59) and Dilenia (Gnome Warlock – 44ish). I also suffer from alt-itis, so I had a smattering of toons under 40. It was about this stage that I realised I was playing WoW too often (2nd Job it seemed), so I quit. I didnt delete my account or toons – I just left … to play City of Villains and Guild Wars – but at a more relaxed pace. I’m sure my gf (now wife) is thankful for that.

The Red

Once Burning Crusade came out I felt the itch, and in April 07 I started back up again. Now I could have taken Aetheril and tried the new content, but I thought that with new content it would be a good opportunity to try the Horde side of the game. So (after some fussing around) I created Plucker (Blood-Elf Hunter) and Tanarel (Blood-Elf Mage) on Aman’Thul. Yes, I’m one of those lame Horde players who only have pretty toons. Plucker is in the final stretch to 70 – being something like 69 and 500k xp.

Ok, so now you know a little about me, and a little about my toons.

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself …

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