Plucker plans to hit 70 this weekend. With 60k to go, its certainly doable. Once I get there though, I dont really have any plans for her. I plan to atleast do the following:

  • Get a Flying Mount (1000g already saved up) (Updated)
  • Get Mining / Engineering to 375 (that should take a little while)
  • Get a Flying Machine (getting the mats should take up some time and/or money)
  • Go to any zones I havent been to yet (like Netherstorm) (Updated)

What reputations should I work on first? What instances can you PUG?


Laziest Peon #1 – Serpent Sting

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many weekly/fortnightly articles mashing together the WoW MMO and WoW TCG. The goal is to take a common or uncommon card from the TCG and look at how it fits the flavour of the source MMO. This week we’re starting with a class that is close to my heart – Hunters! Lets dig a little deeper into today’s card.

Serpent Sting is a 2-cost, instant marksmanship ability from the March of the Legion core set. Its cheap and fast – two things I love about an ability. It can sit on both Heroes and allies, making it nicely flexible. It suits any type of Hunter deck as it can do a default 1-point per turn of damage, or 2 if the Hero has a ranged weapon. Like many of the Damge-Over-Time cards coming out, it needs to be instant else it may be dispelled before it has a chance to even work (Deadly Poison, Corruption, etc) – the smart play is to leave 2-resources untapped and play it during your opponent’s End-Of-Turn phase.

One (or 2) damage doesnt seem like a lot, but its on par with the other DoT abilities in the game, so its consistent from that regard. Hunters do lose out when compared to Warlocks and Mages as they dont have access to other cards like Chromatic Cloak and Sapphiron Drape. And you may think that it could stack with Aspect of the Hawk, but that only applies to ranged damage, and Serpent Sting deals nature damage. However Alliance Hunters do have access to Tomadae the Magnificent, which could push through just enough damage for the win late in the game.

How you play it is up to you and your individual style of play. Against decks with little ability removal, play it early – even if you dont have a Ranged Weapon. Its resilient like that, if your bow is destroyed, the ability still stays in play to ping your opponent, then once you get out another ranged weapon it effectively recasts itself. One thing to watch out for though is for sneaky Scryers who can attack the abililty directly (Arcanist Avelena and Magistrix Tibrana for example). If DoT is part of your core strategy, it may be worth packing some Krenig Soulguards.

I think Serpent Sting could see play in Limited TCG environments – as access to removal to sporadic and doubtful and constant damage straight up annoys players and puts them on a timer they may not be able to handle. Even without a Ranged weapon, its still useful. I’m not sure on the Constructed environment – DoTs seem a little slow for me. Warlocks have a lot of them and Rogues have Deadly Brew – Hunters dont have access to card that can stack stings – so a card like Serpent Sting may be a late game play rather than an early one – breaking a stalemate rather than being a win condition.

So how does Serpent Sting compare to the MMO ability of the same name?

Stings the target, causing [$RAP*0.1+X] Nature damage over 15 seconds. Only one Sting per Hunter can be active on any one target.

Nature – check. DoT – check. Marksmanship – check. Instant – check. Looking good on the basics. RAP = Ranged Attack Power – this is nice, as the bonus damage the ability deals could be explained by having a higher RAP which is typically due to having a powerful ranged weapon. About the only point of difference is that in the MMO you can only have 1 sting active at a time. I think to apply that to the TCG would be too restrictive – its hard enough for DoT to work, and limiting the number of times it can be applied would hurt the long term viability of DoT. I dont think it affects the card for not having it, and only helps it see play.

So thats it for the first installment of Laziest Peon. Hope you got something out of it, if not – leave me some feedback and I’ll work on improving the articles.

Laziest Peon #1 – Serpent Sting

Seeing Red

Once upon a time in a realm called Aman’Thul there lived a Marksman Spec’d Hunter called Plucker. Plucker was a happy little Blood-Elf, who would wander the forests of Azeroth spamming attack skills at every living creature (and some some who were not dead) that she came across. However Plucker the Hunter was frustrated. She would often find herself surrounded by angry creatures who wanted to hurt her. When this occurred she would shout out to her pet turtle “Help, Knucklehead! This is your job – keep the angries from me!” But Knucklehead would shrug and go back to slowing eating fruit.

Then, one day Plucker read about the exploits of BigRedKitty. Plucker immediately moved Knucklehead to the nearest stable and got herself a new pet – Illheart the Owl and learned the Way of the Beast Master. She learned not to spam attacks, but to hand out death with a methodical, steady approach that kept focus on Illheart and not on her soft fleshy insides. And until this very day, Plucker has continued to follow the Way of the Beast Master (though having rotated through a Ravager and now a Raptor), and joyfully encourages her Pets to “Go Red!” and maim and kill.

And all is well.

Seeing Red


I dont have a rich friends list – but I cherish the ones that I have (if that makes me a sap, so be it). I logged into WoW last night and got the lovely “Friend removed, player no longer exists” message popping up in chat. Wait – I’ve got mail, who the **** sends me mail? Lo (and behold) I have some packaged goodies from one of my friends.

They’ve left the game.

I’m still a little sad. They must have had a good reason I’m sure – and it must be a VERY good reason to dump the account. So, a tribute – to the person that gave me 50g for Plucker to get her mount at 40 and didnt expect repayment. To the person that gave me lots of advice for playing a Frost Mage, and introduced me to the frenetic pace of Nagrand PvP (Yay! I got the Marksman’s Legguards). You will be missed.


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself …

(Apologies to the Rolling Stones)

I’ve never met a bandwagon I didnt think was comfortable and as I have been toying with starting a World of Warcraft blog for a while I thought I’d create one. Dont expect pages and pages of theorycraft, statistics and item comparisons – that isnt my style. I aim to post a more casual interpretation of World of Warcraft, and sprinkle in some discussions about the Trading Card Game of the same name (2 birds + 1 stone = SWISH!).

Lets get one thing clear, I’m a casual player – I dont have time for raids and I never seem to be able to find a PUG for instances – so I next to no experience with the late game, and can only dream (agog! agog!) at those people with full purple kitouts. I think I’ll be happy with getting some blues.

Ok, now for a brief history of my WoW (MMO) ‘qualifications’.

The Blue

I started my WoW encounter playing as a Night-Elf Hunter (yep one of those unique class combinations), Aetheril on the Thunderhorn server. This was pre-Burning Crusade and after many long hours, days, months I finally solo’d her to 60. Its hard to solo 55-60 (or it was). I followed that up with Tij (Human Rogue – 59) and Dilenia (Gnome Warlock – 44ish). I also suffer from alt-itis, so I had a smattering of toons under 40. It was about this stage that I realised I was playing WoW too often (2nd Job it seemed), so I quit. I didnt delete my account or toons – I just left … to play City of Villains and Guild Wars – but at a more relaxed pace. I’m sure my gf (now wife) is thankful for that.

The Red

Once Burning Crusade came out I felt the itch, and in April 07 I started back up again. Now I could have taken Aetheril and tried the new content, but I thought that with new content it would be a good opportunity to try the Horde side of the game. So (after some fussing around) I created Plucker (Blood-Elf Hunter) and Tanarel (Blood-Elf Mage) on Aman’Thul. Yes, I’m one of those lame Horde players who only have pretty toons. Plucker is in the final stretch to 70 – being something like 69 and 500k xp.

Ok, so now you know a little about me, and a little about my toons.

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself …